The Campaign Continues…
“Meta Besieging Palestine”
After the restoring of GCRP’s Page

About eighty days after Meta has deleted the “Global Campaign to Return to Palestine” Arabic page on Facebook, and as a result of the vigorous follow-up from our team, accompanied with hundreds of messages that friends and activists directed to Facebook, as part of the “Meta Besieging Palestine” campaign; the management of Meta has unblocked our page in Arabic, “The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine”, which has reappeared, despite the access restrictions imposed on it so far.

GCRP extends its gratitude and sincere thanks to all loyal members, honorable friends, media platforms, web pages and TV channels that contributed to the “Meta Besieging Palestine” campaign.
We also confirm that GCRP will follow up with you the joint campaign to defend the Palestinian content on the Internet, demanding the lifting of the unjust restrictions imposed, and we stress the need for cooperation and integration among the friends of Palestine in this field. It is the cooperation that has blossomed today by restoring the page of the “Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, and will continue to show fruitful results in the future.