The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine

The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine is a league whose membership is open to all institutions, organizations, and activists interested in the cause of Palestine and who believe in its justice, regardless of their intellectual and social frameworks.

The Campaign places the term “Return to Palestine” at the top of its priorities and objectives; it strives to employ all energies and relationships in the service of this sublime human goal.

Thus, affiliation with the campaign is rather a responsibility that goes beyond formal ceremonial frameworks to reach practical cooperation in order to serve the cause and provide it with stability elements and victory factors.

The Campaign members hail from more than 80 countries around the world. They actively monitor the latest developments in the Palestinian arena and their repercussions; they organize programs and activities to highlight these developments at the media and popular levels. They seek to raise the awareness of the world’s public opinion by presenting the reality of what is happening in Palestine and highlighting the ongoing violations against the Palestinian people, their land, and holy sites.


The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine is concerned with a permanent and active contribution to support the just cause of Palestine via various peaceful means and civil mechanisms; it seeks to create a platform of communication and coordination among civil society organizations of different political and ideological orientations on the grounds that Palestine is a consensual headline and a universal league of human brotherhood.


  • To activate the role of civil society institutions and create a cooperation platform in an orderly manner that contributes to the development of work in the service of the cause of Palestine.
  • To sustain the presence of the Palestine issue in public circles and global legal movement arenas.
  • To build a local, regional and global public opinion that adopts the justice of the Palestine issue and is aware of the Palestinians’ legitimate rights.
  • To support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people, their right to defend themselves and resist the occupier, a right guaranteed by all international laws and conventions, and back them until they reach their goal of free and dignified living.
  • To adopt the right of return as a sacred right that cannot be infringed or abandoned, as it stems from universally recognized international law and is guaranteed by the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Activities and Events:

In order to achieve its objectives, the Campaign adopts activities and events that are executed by its members throughout the world; their titles and forms vary as follows:

  1. Conferences and forums:

The campaign uses all its potential in linking and activating relations among institutions and organizations that support the cause of Palestine via international conferences and regional symposia aimed at developing joint solidarity action plans and examining mechanisms for developing civil efforts that would promote such action.

  1. Public Activities:

The Campaign, in cooperation with its members and friends around the world, commemorates occasions that are relevant to the Palestinian cause in a bid to maintain its presence regionally and globally, such as marking the Day of Return (May 15), Land Day (March 30), Al-Quds International Day, the Intifada Week, etc.)

  1. Keeping abreast of Developments in the Palestinian Arena:

The Campaign seeks to keep abreast of all the new aggressions and violations in the Palestinian arena, move internationally to confront them, and express solidarity with the Palestinian people by all possible civilian means.

  1. Cultural Activities:

The Campaign coordinates a number of cultural events and organizes various programs aimed at introducing the history and presence of the Palestinian cause, such as cultural publications, art exhibitions, and documentaries, in cooperation with its members and friends around the world.

  1. Media Activities:

The Campaign prepares targeted informational campaigns through its official website and social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), which reach tens of millions of users each year in Arabic, English, and Spanish.

The Campaign, moreover, publishes a weekly analytical bulletin that tackles the Palestinian issue.

In addition, the campaign produces information materials and flashes related to a number of Palestinian events and works to disseminate them via audio-visual media outlets.