The various social media platforms were built on the principle of personal freedom, especially the freedom of expression included in the Human Rights Charter and preserved by international laws. However, the control of the Zionist lobbies of the managements of these companies, especially “Meta”, parent company that runs Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, distorts the objectives of these means to contribute to the siege of the Palestinian people and their cause by obscuring details of their struggle, and the violations that Palestinians are exposed to by usurping entity. The weapon of deletion and banning was among the most prominent things used by these companies in the face of Palestinian content. Accounts of individuals, and pages of institutions concerned with the Palestinian issue were omitted, under the pretext of violating publishing standards and the so-called (societal policies), and the Arabic Facebook page of “Global Campaign to Return to Palestine” was its latest victim.


The “Global Campaign to Return to Palestine”, and over ten years of joint work with its members from all over the world, has been among the most prominent organizations who work for promoting the Palestinian cause, strive for Palestinians’ rights and especially the Right of Return through its social media platforms, especially its Facebook pages, which reached more than one million followers. However, this purely humanitarian work, which is far from political organizations, factions, and parties, was not accepted by those in charge of Facebook. So, “Meta” blocked, in a hostile step, the aforementioned page under flimsy pretexts, which is that the page published at the end of last November a video clip of a Palestinian child sitting near his martyred father’s picture and appealing to football fans to support Palestine and its people by raising its flag high. during the media campaign, which accompanied the activities of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.


This hostile behavior that comes from “Meta” company and others, based on the Zionist control over its management, in addition to the agreements signed between it and the authorities of the usurping entity, such as the “Facebook Policies” that allows the usurping entity to remove publications that its court considers calling for incitement.

Despite numerous reports by human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, which strongly emphasize the potential dangers resulting from Meta’s irrational bias against Palestinian human rights.

Despite the results of studies conducted by independent institutions, including the BSR study, which was prepared at the request of “Meta” itself, which confirmed what human rights activists raised about the company censorship practices and complaints of bias during bouts of violence against the Palestinians by the Zionist forces; Facebook and Instagram did not recognize the presence of any problem. Thus, the parent company responded to legal claims of transparency about the results of the previous study by saying: “The Meta publication of this response should not be construed as acceptance, or approval of any of the findings, conclusions, opinions or viewpoints identified by BSR, nor should it be considered carrying out any proposed reforms amounts to an admission of wrongdoing.”


It is worth mentioning that the “Global Campaign to Return to Palestine” raised this issue on several occasions, especially when a number of pages of Palestinian media organizations were deleted, such as “Shehab News Agency”, “Quds News Network”, “Palestinian Information Center” and “Al-Rai Agency”, and the page of the “International Scholars Forum for Palestine”; And also when the US government seized the websites of some pro-Palestinian channels.


In this context, the Campaign issued a statement explaining the reasons for closing its page, saying that the Facebook administration had taken “this hostile and biased measure against all pages that support the cause of the Palestinian people, and it did the same against our page that has been working for about ten continuous years to create global awareness of the right of the Palestinian people.” It also called on members, partners, and friends among activists and civil society organizations, as well as media organizations, to turn “the reaction into constructive action, by shedding light on these biased and unjust policies” and to participate in the “Meta Besieging Palestine” campaign.

Therefore, GCRP called on its members around the world to send a call to Meta management of to lift the restrictions imposed on its platforms on Palestinian content, stressing that legal procedures will be ready to sue the company before the competent local and international courts, in order to reach the right to “convey their demands for freedom and independence to everyone who wants to hear his suffering voice.” The campaign also produced a set of visual materials and designs that will be used during the current campaign, “Meta Besieging Palestine”.


From here, the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine addressed its members, friends, and lovers of Palestine to “support and promote the new page launched by the campaign entitled “Return to Palestine,” in addition to supporting the other pages of the campaign in Arabic and English”, renewing its previously launched call to all free and honorable people to activate the legal mechanisms to hold accountable the companies involved in fighting the Palestinian content, and “to strive to devise solutions that liberate us from the captivity of global sites under Zionist control”.