He left Haifa carrying with him the beauty of its sea, the splendor of its architecture, and the kindness of its people, to embody it all with paintings of love and nostalgia. He is the creative artist Abdel Moati Abu Zaid, one of the most prominent pioneers of contemporary Palestinian art, carrying the cause of his country and conveying the concerns and pains of his people, with colors of his suffering brush, while dreaming of victory and return.

The artist Abdel Moati Abu Zaid, 1943 to February 2023, was one of the first founders of the Palestinian Fine Artists Union, which was formed in 1979, as a sponsor and organizer of the artistical movement within the occupied territories and all over the world. His only goal was to keep Palestine present in all of his works, passing down from generation to the other, and emulated by the young generation of Palestinian artists. He has always called upon this generation to carry the out the work for the Palestinian cause, defend it, and embody it in all their work so that the liberation and the dream of return remain their only obsession.

The late artist was one of the members of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, and he had active participations with GCRP in many of its events and activities. The most important participation was his supervision of the implementation of the fine painting (The Capital of the World), which was produced by the GCRP, and in which he collaborated with many Palestinian fine artists, as a joint artwork on the city of Al-Quds.

In this painful calamity, the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine issued a statement mourning the artist Abdel Moati Abu Zaid, noting his educational virtues in carrying the flag of Palestine through his brush longing to a victorious return.

May God bestow mercy on his soul, and all condolences and sympathy to his family and friends.