Ziyaad Patel, member of The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine in South Africa, insured the historical base of the liberation of all oppressed people, and stated that:

We are aware that the war criminal incumbent PM Benjamim Netanyahu’s coalition with the ultra ultra right effectively makes the apartheid state of Israel a fascist pariah state.
Already Palestinians living in occupied Palestine endure war crimes, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity and genocide.
There is only one outcome which history has repeated over and over.
The oppressors shall fall and the oppressed shall be liberated !
As we speak, there are important legal avenues underway to cut the supply of military recruitees from South African shores to serve in the Zionist Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF).
South African nationals and institutions will be punished for aiding and abetting war criminals and terrorists who serve in the (IOF).
The fascist state is implicated in widescale state terrorism and an extensive criminal complaint is currently receiving the attention of South African Authorities.
#ZionistTerrorismCorridorProbe #Lawfare #HumanRights
The occupied people of Palestine shall be liberated.