The director of Al-Shifa Hospital explains the condition of the complex now:

-We are being exterminated

-The picture is dark and there are only corpses, death, and the usurping entity still surrounds the complex

– The usurping entity army moves freely inside the complex

– What the usurping entity allowed to enter in terms of water and food is only enough for two hundred persons

-Every day passes for premature babies represents a threat on their lives

– There are martyrs every minute

– The nurseries brought by the usurping entity are worthless without electricity

– The nurseries we have are better than those brought by the entity

-We continue to bury the bodies in the cemetery that we dug inside the hospital

-The usurping entity ignored our request to provide fuel and remove the wounded

– It is a shame that the wounded die without finding a place for treatment

-We need the necessities of life and a safe passage that allows patients to leave for treatment

-The hospital turned into a large prison where people were subjected to genocide

– Displaced people fill the hospital alleys and are distributed among more than one building

-We have a large pharmacy, and the occupation prevents us from entering it

-Patients’ conditions worsen due to the inability to provide medicines

-Deaths are increasing daily due to our inability to save patients

-For these patients to die before the eyes of the world is a war crime

-We tell the world that international organizations have not provided us with anything

– The forces of the usurping entity destroyed vital equipment in the hospital upon entering it

– The entity’s claim that there are weapons in the hospital is pure fabrication

– All those who need surgery in the Indonesian hospital will die

-We demand that the entity not harm patients, displaced persons, and crews

– All of Gaza is being annihilated, and the sick are dying inside their homes. This is a war crime

– The usurping entity does not want any picture to emerge from Gaza showing its crimes