Yesterday, the usurping entity targeted Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip with a missile that led to the death of more than 500 martyrs, most of them civilians, women and children.


Dozens of demonstrations and solidarity marches were mobilized in several Arab, Islamic and European cities to denounce the brutal aggression of the usurping entity yesterday against Gaza and the massacre of Baptist Hospital committed by the forces of the usurping entity, which claimed the lives of more than 500 martyrs and left a large number of wounded.


The world demonstrated yesterday after the brutal crime in a number of cities around the world, and spontaneous marches took place in Arab cities, including Amman, Baghdad, Cairo, Kuwait, Beirut, Rabat, Nouakchott, Taiz, and others.


In Jordan, angry demonstrators tried to storm the usurping entity’s embassy headquarters in the Rabieh area of the Jordanian capital, Amman.

Hundreds of demonstrators headed Tuesday night to the vicinity of the US Embassy north of Beirut, and cars and motorcycles, raising Palestinian flags, toured several neighborhoods in Beirut and its environs, according to Agency France-Presse correspondents.

They chanted angry slogans against France, USA and all complicit countries.

In Tunisia, angry demonstrations took place in Tunisian cities, denouncing the deaths of thousands of Palestinian martyrs due to usurping entity’s ongoing bombing of the Gaza Strip.

The demonstrators chanted slogans such asking the French ambassador to leave the country, and repeating “Palestine should be Free”.

On Tuesday evening, mass marches took place in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the city of Misrata, in protest against the brutal aggression of the usurping entity. The capital, Tripoli, witnessed a march in Martyrs’ Square after calls made by a group of activists on social media platforms, hours after the Baptist Hospital was targeted.

The demonstrators raised Palestinian flags and banners denouncing the war on Gaza, chanting slogans: “With our soul and our blood, we will redeem you, O Al-Aqsa,” and “O Gaza, you are not alone.”

In Morocco, hundreds of Moroccans participated on Tuesday evening in protests in several cities, to denounce the brutal entity’s attack on the National Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

Social media platforms circulated video clips of protesters chanting slogans demanding an end to the war against Gaza and denouncing the bombing of the hospital.


In the capital, Kuwait former parliamentarians and political figures, demonstrated in a protest against the aggression of the usurping entity on Baptist Hospital yesterday. The demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and banners rejecting the brutal aggression against the Palestinian people.

In Germany, in condemnation of the heinous crime and massacre committed by the usurping entity in the Baptist Hospital in Gaza, the people of Palestine and figures of different nationalities participated in a protest, and candles were lit to mourn the souls of the martyrs in front of the historic Berlin Gate.

Spain also joined the crowd where demonstrations took place in solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip and in protest against the brutal aggression of the usurping entity after it targeted Baptist Hospital yesterday, where the demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and called on the international community to put an end to the usurping entity’s violations against the Palestinians.

In Canada, with the participation of members of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine, a solidarity demonstration took place in Toronto, Canada, in front of the consulate of the usurping entity, denouncing the brutal aggression against the Baptist Hospital yesterday. The attendees raised their voices in condemnation of the entity’s ongoing crimes, and demanded that the aggression be stopped immediately.

The entity continues to target civilians and defenseless people in the Gaza Strip, as the Palestinian Ministry of Health says that the number of martyrs in the Gaza Strip has reached 3,300 martyrs, with a severe shortage of medicines and medical resources that the entity targets.