On Monday, the Israeli enemy authorities prevented an American activist from the BDS movement from entering the occupied territories via Lod Airport.

The activist Ariel Gold,which is a forty years old Jewish american, is active in calling for the boycott of “Israel” in the United States through her work in the organisation Code Pink.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz claimed that Gold visited the country as a tourist several months ago, and when it was observed during the visit, it was found that she was a well-known activist in the boycott movement. When she left the country, the Israeli authorities handed her a message that she should coordinate with them previously when she plans for her next visit.

Considering her prevention, she said that after the landing of her plane at Lod airport last night, Gold was taken to investigate her in a single room. Later, Israeli Minister of Defense Gilad Erdan issued a recommendation to prevent her from entering the country, and Aryeh Deri, canceled the visa granted to her.

According to the text of the recommendation made by Erdan that Gold “posted on the social media sites videos showing the pursuit of Israeli soldiers in Hebron, by accusing them of being soldiers of apartheid.”

Erdan’s office claimed that Gold was promoting videos calling for boycotting HP’s movement until it boycott the Zionist enemy.