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202, 2023

Ziyaad Patel: The occupied people of Palestine shall be liberated

February 2, 2023|Categories: Campaign Activities, Solidarity Events|

Ziyaad Patel, member of The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine in South Africa, insured the historical base of the liberation of all oppressed people, [...]

1601, 2023

The bulldozers of the occupation demolished 15 commercial establishments

January 16, 2023|Categories: Palestine News|

Destruction and brutality are still the practice of the usurping entity in the occupied Palestinian lands. The bulldozers of the occupation demolished 15 commercial establishments, [...]

201, 2023

Palestinian New Year: Two Youngsters were Martyred in Kafrdan, and Two Houses of Martyrs’ Families were Bombed.

January 2, 2023|Categories: Palestine News|Tags: , , |

While people around the world talk about wishes and dreams for the new year, the Palestinians spend their day and night in a continuous struggle [...]

2612, 2022

Moroccan People Say It Loud and Clear: “Palestine is for the Palestinians, and Normalization is a Disgrace”

December 26, 2022|Categories: Solidarity Events|Tags: , , |

Hundreds of Moroccans organized protest demonstrations in various Moroccan cities, on the second anniversary of the signing of the normalization agreement between Moroccan Regime and [...]

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