The Gaza Strip has been suffering from a stifling humanitarian crisis embodied in famine since the beginning of the ongoing aggression against Gaza, as a result of the imposed blockade, that has greatly affected the availability of food, which has led to a deterioration in the living conditions of the population.

According to the Government Media office in the Gaza Strip, 400,000 persons are facing famine in the northern Gaza Strip, after the run out of flour and rice supplies.

The office added in a statement: “We announce the exhaustion of the quantities of flour, its derivatives, rice, and canned food that were in the northern Gaza Strip governorate since before the genocidal war on Gaza. This confirms the beginning of a real famine facing 400,000 Palestinians, who are still present in the governorate”.

The office said that North Gaza Governorate and Gaza Governorate are subjected to a severe siege in conjunction with the continuation of the war, as the occupation prevents any aid from reaching those two governorates since the start of the brutal war, and dozens of cases of executions and field killings were recorded carried out by the occupation army against who tried to obtain food in Gaza and North Gaza Governorates.

This unacceptable risk comes at a time when the food and health systems in the Gaza Strip are in danger of complete collapse. More than 80% of young children suffer from acute food poverty, and more than two-thirds of hospitals are no longer functioning due to lack of fuel, water and vital medical supplies and due to catastrophic damage.

Since October 7th, the usurping entity has continued its war of genocide, starvation, and brutal killing against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, as every meter in the Strip is a targeted point, and no place is safe.