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2 02, 2023

Ziyaad Patel: The occupied people of Palestine shall be liberated

2023-02-02T14:10:13+02:00February 2, 2023|Campaign Activities, Solidarity Events|0 Comments

Ziyaad Patel, member of The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine in South Africa, insured the historical base of the liberation of all oppressed people, and stated that: We are aware that the war criminal incumbent [...]

27 01, 2023

“Massacre” in Palestine: Ongoing raids by Israelis

2023-01-27T08:24:38+02:00January 27, 2023|Palestine News|0 Comments

The Israeli army killed 10 Palestinians and injured more than 20 people yesterday Thursday 26 January in occupied West Bank reportedly targeting Jenin Public Hospital and preventing paramedics and ambulances to treat the victims. According to [...]

2 01, 2023

Palestinian New Year: Two Youngsters were Martyred in Kafrdan, and Two Houses of Martyrs’ Families were Bombed.

2023-01-02T14:07:01+02:00January 2, 2023|Palestine News|0 Comments

While people around the world talk about wishes and dreams for the new year, the Palestinians spend their day and night in a continuous struggle to cling to life and push back the death imposed by [...]

26 12, 2022

Moroccan People Say It Loud and Clear: “Palestine is for the Palestinians, and Normalization is a Disgrace”

2022-12-26T11:22:38+02:00December 26, 2022|Solidarity Events|0 Comments

Hundreds of Moroccans organized protest demonstrations in various Moroccan cities, on the second anniversary of the signing of the normalization agreement between Moroccan Regime and the usurping entity on December 22. The participants called for dropping [...]

22 12, 2022

Soccer Player Ahmed Daraghmeh, Shot dead by the Usurping Entity

2022-12-22T13:30:45+02:00December 22, 2022|Palestine News|0 Comments

Soccer Player Shot Dead: In a scene that is repeated on every Jewish occasion, and under the protection of the usurping entity soldiers, the Zionists stormed yesterday the shrine and mosque of Prophet Yusuf, in the [...]

21 12, 2022

The Usurping Entity Holds the Body of Martyr Nasser Abu Hamid

2022-12-21T14:21:25+02:00December 21, 2022|Palestine News|0 Comments

Criminal acts of the usurping entity continue, as it tries everything it can to suppress the voice of Palestinians. The Hebrew media reported this morning, Wednesday - December 21st, that: "After assessing the situation, and based [...]

7 12, 2022

“Palestine Pakistan” commemorates the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

2022-12-07T15:13:19+02:00December 7, 2022|Campaign Activities|0 Comments

The Palestine Pakistan Foundation - members of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine - revived the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which falls on November 29. In addition,the Palestine Pakistan Foundation organized [...]

7 12, 2022

The Moroccan people are against normalization

2022-12-07T15:03:07+02:00December 7, 2022|Solidarity Events|0 Comments

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, and affirming the Moroccan people’s rejection of normalization, the presence of the Zionists on their land, and rejecting the injustice, criminality and the killing that the [...]

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